Tuesday, January 5, 2010

brittany spears and panic at the disco on my ipod = eargasim :)

wow so its been a little while since i've posted anything.. i have to admit i have been on here and started stuff but they never got finished.

this week we returned back to school after a much needed break. but two days back in and i need another break. which is good cause after exams i get another one :) thank god.
i dont feel like myself lately. ...well i guess i dont know what im feeling cause feeling "like myself" is something i dont recognize either.. bummer? i guess.. maybe...maybe not.
im just trying to figure out what i want from myself, from life, and the people in it.
so far i have no idea. what i want. i just need to get out. get away from this place, these people. together they are an evil force destroying my life one day at a time.

but dispite these evil forces at work.. my music tastes have taken a complete 180.
right now im listening to brittayn spears and in my car the radio is set to a country station!
what? why?
i dont know.. i just like it. its what im feeling :)
and as we all know i act on impulsive feeling... sometimes thats a good thing, other times not so much.

taking one for the team
not my style.
her style is taking one for the whole world.
heartbreak and strikeout
are all thats in the line up.
homerun for the enemy
and the hoe got all the way to second
your emotions whirl up and down
tastey like a hotdog
but sour like a lemon icee.
summer came and gone
winter is here
froze my heart and your brain
close the gates.
we'll be back next season.

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