Tuesday, January 12, 2010

no riddles or rhymes

i dont really have much to say today..
who am i kidding i have a lot to say everyday.

but today i seem blank.. like i have all these thoughts in my head i just cant grab one and hold on to it.
exams are here and in full swing at school. two down one to go. i will proudly announce that i made a 96! on my physical science eoc :) go me! and i made a 100 on my art exam. :) so obviously im excited and so glad that this semester is almost over! just two more days.
i am stll stressing though over my reasearch paper. i got an extension before christmas!!! and im still not done. all i have to do is write the conclusion and type and turn it in. ... doesnt seem that hard but for me it is. im super stalling. i so just dont wanna do it.. but eventually it will get done. if its not sone tomorrow and my teacher asks questions i will tell her my dog died :) even thought my dog didnt die.. its really a horrid lie, but gotta do what i gotta do.
so other than that.. yea.

oh yea! tomorrow i also have an interview at subway (eat fresh)!
go me. its my birthday. ok not really. but i am pretty excited. if i get this job it would be so awsome!
a little more freedom and plus some moo-la :)


  1. GOOD LUCK GIRL, you're gonna get that job! POSITIVE AFFIRMATION! Lol, I just hope you can lift those, what was it, 50 pound boxes by yourself.

  2. lol. thanks girl.. i went and it was a bust. the woman was looking for someone to work morning. but its all good. i'll still on the prowl. :)