Wednesday, January 6, 2010

love, lust, hate

so i posted my last post on my facebook and these are the comments...

Jeff Johnson i'll now leave reply

to lust we have loved,and love we have lust

to life has no purpose but purpose it self.

to hate we have brought on all that was lovely though love we have hated for all that was worthy, why couldn't life be as easy as this a poem for replying to replying a poem?... See More

wow i can write 2 emily my dear we are deep tonight

Emily Greene lust after love

lust after purpose.

heartache and tears splinter the soul.

hate the lovely

hate the worthy... See More

either way we feel something

pain is the game today


no one knows.

together.. we are an ocean of emotions.. lol.

Jeff Johnson some love the lust

and lust the love,and repeat the game as if it were holy

those soulsd that splinter share the world as for worthy there are none

pain has no game the game is pain though hate in repose

the world revolves so peaceful around it... See More

today brings hate as for tomorrow when it will stop, is when the world enters shock
Emily Greene love and lust my friend

the game

we lose

the hate we create.

we created our world ... See More

fashioned it with hate

and lied to thoughs who love


the inhabitants of this world

small as a parking space.

hate to love the lust

hate to lust the love.

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