Sunday, December 27, 2009

original quotes :)

you can drop me, but imma bounce back up, kick you to da curb and keep on stepping :)

yep. i def came up with that all by myself. and its so awsome because its true.
people come and go out of your life all the time. sometimes it hurts, others not so much.

its the times when there is a person you think will never leave.. but when they do..
that hurts like a bitch.
nothing nessacarily has to happen.. but rather things can unfold, if you will, or take a different path.
awkwardness sets in, people start to get uncomfortable or their ego takes over and they shut down. and eventually leave.

in my situation all of these things took place.
im not dropping names and im not going to go into details..
me and this friend were friends for a long time. i thought we had something that would last. friendship wise.
we hit high school and like a cookie our friendship started to crumble.
we started to meet new people and our tastes started to differ. at first this bugged me, but then i understood we were just growing into who we are as seperate people.
over the summer we didnt really talk but as school came around so did we.
but as the year has progressed we just seem to be growing farther apart. however it wouldnt be so bad if this so called friend were straight up with me right..
when you are fake as snow at the mall.. thats what pisses me off. i cant stand that. i wear my feelings on my sleeves so people pretty much always know how i feel and what i think..
awkward meetings in wal mart have never been my thing and if this is how the friendship will go on..
i quit :)

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