Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"so hows the meatloaf"

the way my mom makes meatloaf.. is gross. you have to take the raw meat and add seasoning and peppers and ketchup and bread crubs, all this stuff to make a single loaf of meat. however on a better note, my moms meatloaf is great. a lot of people think meatloaf in general is nasty (a lot of people's are) but my moms is great!
so like this single loaf of meat, life is made, or lived the same way.
there are nasty parts (fights with freinds and family) thats the raw meat part. your emotions and feelings. what we put on the chopping block every single day.
there are things in life you might not always see, but we know they are there for us. like God. llike the seasonings in a meatloaf, we cant see God but he's there for us all the time and he makes life taste a lot better than what it used to be.
peppers are bright and laughter. its real and natural. it has its own uniquie sharing a laugh with a friend or threw a text.
ketchup is well obviously awesome anyways. its smooth and goes great with just about anything. so i guess they are like the oxygen everybody needs to stay alive. idk. i just really like ketchup with my meatloaf.
and then there are the breadcrumbs. like my friends and family. it wouldnt be moms meatloaf without breadcrumbs.. life wouldnt be life without my totally crazy friends and not so sane family. but i would be even more lost wihtout them. they are crumby and flaky but quite delicious :)

so these things seperatly can be odd. but if you mix them together and bake it at 350 degrees you have the best life you can get. sometimes you may get burnt or not done all the way.and if things still fail, just add more ketchup ;)  but eventually things get better. the sun sets and rises again and you can mix all the ingradients again.

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