Wednesday, January 6, 2010

we went from playing on the playground to slicing our wrists..

did life get so complicated??

what did we do to piss the universe off? all these questions and never any answers... never.
no real rythm or reason to the things we do. we act on impulse, hold our tounges, somethings its best to. and sometimes not. thoughts burn our brains black as coal.. the haunting memories of the good days creep up in our dreams and scare us to death.

we ask and we receive something we didnt ask for...
she's scared, he says there is no reason to be.
who can we trust?
why do we lust
the thrill
the sensation
anything out of the ordinary..

they agree
we dont
they love
we dont beleive in love.
i love
but not this way
this way has become to complex for me to follow
to many rules and to many secerts...

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