Thursday, January 21, 2010

not the day i intended.

tick, tick, thump, thump,  ding!
thats the sound of the machine beside me at the hospital. this morning my mom was throwing up acid and othe yucky stuff... so off to the doctor we went. wen we finally got to see the doctor, cause you know they are like celebs, you have to wait forever to see them. anywho. steve (the doctor. who is really nice and has like this alomost awkwad frienship with my mom he called her his girl.. awkward. ) said it was diabetic ketoacidosis. yea huge word. but i think basically its from her lack of insulin.. which is thanks to our fucked up insurance ...her sugar is up too high and the acid in her blood has spilled over... err something like that.. dont quotd me directly on this.
either way she's in the hopital and it may not be that serious. the staff is doing everything they can. so she sould be outta here in a day or two..
im gald cause when hey told us i thought i was going to choke.

on a better note. my dad comes home tomorrow!!
thank God. its been so weird lately with him not being here.
i actually had this weird dream the other night about him coming home.
it was dark and we were all outside on the patio and he come around the corner and looked at me like he didnt know if he should talk or not. then i looked up at him and he broke into this huge dorky grin that only my dad has. and i ran over and gave him this hge hug. it was great. but that would probably not ever happen. see my dad isnt the huggy loveey doveey type. which is fine. cause in not either. but when a hug presents itself.. its very awkward.

anyway.. the machine is dinging again so i will say me goodbyes until next time..

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