Thursday, January 7, 2010

we went from playing on the playground to slicing our wrists.. PART II

conviction in my spirit man or my concisous mind?
either way the stress is catching up to me.

i cant sleep, all i do is eat..
the faces, the  images of a world once unknown to me
haunt me in the night.
this world unraveled fast.
to fast.
friends with secerts i wanted to know
led me to paths of darkness.
i forgot my flashlight and now i've stubbed my toe.
the pain has left my foot and kicked me in the brain
i worry to much for you
my dear ones.
highschool drama? or lifetime bounds.
these chains are tight and my breath is slipping..
someone's hand? anyone..?
i need something to hold on to.
i want out of this world.
rewind time and take back everything.
but i cant..
that day is crystal clear to me..
the sun was out and a sly smile fooled me.
im the fool..
and i realize that now.

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