Tuesday, February 2, 2010

who cares?

who cares what you have?
i just care that i dont have it.

thats right i said it.
it pisses me off that i dont have ... well i certainly cant tell you what exactly it is.
but you have it.. lots of people have them. people who shouldnt have them. have them! whereas i could handle one, i want one, and yet i dont have one!
this is the story of my life. whatever.
its my life and i've learned to deal. but sometimes i get sick and tired of it.

somtimes i want a new life.. something better. better than this.

a life where i can get and have what i want. in this life i have what i need and most of what i want.
but not this! and you have it. you little bitch!
yep thats right i called you a bitch 'cause right now thats what you are to me.
now tomorrow this may blow over but right now your a bitch.
and surprisingly im ok with this.

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