Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my future is so bright i hope it melts your face!

ok ok ok.

so lately i have been thinking a lot about college.
i am so ready to get out of this town, out of my house! ready to learn and see the world.. er at least more of north carolina.

i would really like to go to school out of state.. but umm i dont have that special power to pull money out of my ass. so i have narrowed my sights to UNC Ashville. now this is not a dead set thing. but its looking pretty good. i want to go to school for creative writing and i wanted to study music technology but there's a problem. i cant play anything.. so not going to cut that out of my life goals just yet.. just out of my college ones. well this time around. so i think i am going to study creatvie writing and something in the dramatic arts. cause i really like acting and singing and that whole world.

so the past few days i have laid out of school.. literally all i have done is lay around the house.. and its getting boring. today i feel better but not ready to tackle school yet, tomorrow though. i promise. you are probably wondering whats wrong. its my back. i have an extra vertabre and a thin disk, and my pelvis is twisted. and it hurts! its been hurting for a while now but monday i sneezed in art and i pulled my back and now its hurt worse than ever. monday and tuesday were really bad, today not so much. i am going to get therapy again today and hopefully it willl start having a longer effect.

i'll be back later with something more productive...

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