Monday, December 14, 2009

today sucked...

if i could cast all my cares on your mom i would.
i prayed last night before i went to bed. i asked God to fix this thing that i have going on right now... that thing where i put my foot in my mouth with my friends.. yea. i know to be patient. and im trying but its really hard to walk around with all this awkwardness.
this is one of the times when i really wish i could read minds. if i just knew what they were thinking then i could know what to say or do to get the healing process along.

you know that gives me and idea.. about a book i mean.
like i've been thinking awhile about getting in the zone to write like creating a whole new world. so i just got the idea that my world could be where someone can read minds.. humm have to think more on that. and sont be some kinda reatarded weenie and take my freaking idea.. not cool dude.

im so tired. i want to go to bed. not that there is anything stopping me.
im stressing over this paper i have to write thats due friday... even though that im not going to start till tomorrow.. i have some questions i for mrs. B and things that need to be cleared up.


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