Friday, December 11, 2009

your freaking mother goes to freaking college!

today sucked!
ever had them days where you say something that is completely stupid and just fucks the whole universe over? well today i had one of those days. shit! i hate that. if i could take it back i would.. so yea today i have some regrets.. im trying to shrug it off as whatever, but i dont think that is going to work this time.

anyway im not going to ramble on that...
today in english we ahd this really cool assigment to write a poem. sounds boring but the process was fun.
and plus im sorta kinda proud of my poem. :)
it started with writing little sentences like i see blah blah or i taste blah blah and so on and so forth.
then it gave you instructions to add similies and personification, you get the drift.
at the end it said that once you were done what you have left if "true poetry", which is what i named my poem.

"True Poetry"

I find myself standing in Times Square
Jazzy lights justify
Blurring, busy, beautiful people
Omnipresent car horms roar like
Vibrant music that pulses through the city like a heartbeat
International foods dance through the streets and give us
A different life
Dreary fumes hug the air like a high school heat break
Haunting, memorable, meaningless, memories
Vigoriously alive
Awaited freedom I received like a criminal set free


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