Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super-Short Love Story

It's been a few days, so today seemed like a good day to blog. 

Weekends are supposed to be the time when you relax and enjoy yourself. Besides New Years', it's the most counted down date known to man. 
For me, I wouldn't describe this past weekend as relaxing or enjoyable, bittersweet, maybe. 
Friday "some stuff went down" ( you know when people say that Jerry Springer issh is about to happen!). 
I won't go into detail about said "stuff", just know it was a sticky situation among friends (money was involved, hence STICKY). 
It was one of those situations where you can 

A: go off the deep end and ruin relationships that have been the salt to your pepper 
B: swallow your pride, be responsible, and learn from it

I chose B. 
I need the salt to my pepper, and I like to think of myself as a reasonable person... I also hate when people turn things into Jerry Springer Episodes. I may not be the most reasonable person on the planet, but I try to be mature. Which is more than I can say for the guests of Jerry Springer. 

After "the stuff" went down..  the genre of my weekend went from trashy reality t.v to a full out romantic drama full length feature presentation. 


For the past two months I have been harboring a secret relationship. (Some of you may already know about it, but were sworn to secrecy) I was crucial that we kept it on the down low ( I'll explain why later). WE GOT CAUGHT! 

In Jan or Feb I met this guy, who just so happened to by my best friend's cousin. ( talk about keeping it in the family.) At first the thought of anything between us never crossed my mind. There's a lot that goes along with that. 
And thinking about it now, it may take two or five post ( from my point of view) to tell you the whole story. 
So for now I'll give you the super-short version.. 

Girl meets Boy. 
Friendship blossoms. 
Confessions of super fat eight grade crush. 
Due to religious differences, agonizing debate on weather to "give this a try". 
Decide to "give it a try"!! However, must keep it a secret! 
Awkward confessions of Love.
Comfortable confessions of Love. 
Confessions of "In Love". 
Torrid Love affair caught by hottie boyfriend's family. 
Girl feels like she is going to be sick. 
Boy, calmly, takes care of it. 
Change of FB relationship status!! 

You think that's a lot? Wait for the full length feature post.
 If you go to my FB, you will see who he is. 
I can't describe how wonderful he is. Honestly, if you saw how sappy I might get, you might think I've lost my mind. Hell sometimes when I analyze this whole thing, I feel like I've lost my mind. 

But that's ok..  

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