Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hairy Situation

With not working much and not being in school right now, I have a lot of time to sit on my butt and not do much.
I mean I guess I could clean, give back to the community, or ... 
God help me, EXERCISE. 
yea.. or maybe not. 

Today was one of those days when I woke up and did not like what was staring back at me in the mirror. 
Regardless of the fact that my physical appearance sucked! ( breakouts, frizzy hair, bags under my eyes, eye buggers.. and so on.. ) 
I also have the heavy failure feeling drooping on my shoulders. Sitting around looking like a bum, I felt like a bum. Finally about two o'clock I looked myself in the eye and said "take a shower you smelly bum".
After my self- motivational speech I made it to the shower. Once I got in the shower my next thought was 
"humm I should probably shave while I'm in here" 


It a twenty minute attempt to de-hair myself. Not to mention the next 15 minutes it took to wash my hair, face, and body.  When I got out I noticed that I missed like half the bak of my thunder thighs and cut myself in like three places. It would have been easier to go to a butcher... well ok, maybe not. 
Usually after a shower I feel relaxed and less bum-ish looking.. not today. 
I was so frustrated after I got out the only thing I could do was cry. 
Ok, I didn't cry.. 
but I did use my good lotion and spent another twenty minutes on my hair and make-up.. which did make me feel a little better about myself. 

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