Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I saw this on Pintrest!


"the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"

For Father's Day my little sister and I made this for my dad.
About half-way through making it I got discouraged, I thought maybe it was too childish. ( even though we are his children) But it got a better reaction than I was expecting, which was a huge relief. 

We made some mild changes to ours so it wasn't a complete copy-cat.. and because we couldn't find one of the candy bars in the store. I was not going a wild goose chase for a whatchamacallit. 


Here we have poster board( I got two pieces, just in case I messed up and practice writing it out first), $16 worth of candy, the computer for the how-to, glue sticks, and markers. Very easy supply list! 


We made it portrait instead of landscape because my writing was funky. And if you notice the package of whoppers was the king size. Which was huge and added to the weight. With the poster board being so flimsy, I think it would work better with cardboard, something more sturdy.  
I like this project because it took about a half hour to actually get it all on there. And you can change the words around and use it for various events like Mother's Day, birthday.. etc. 
And plus everybody like candy! So its perfect for when you don't know what to get somebody. 

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