Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cheese Danish

First off, let me say that the strawberry cheese danishes in the vending machine at Sandhills Community College are delicious! 
You might be wondering why I'm at school, eating delicious danishes at 9 a.m on my "summer break". 
I had to take Rachel to school this morning... and her having an 8 a.m class and me agreeing to bring her shows the true meaning of friendship.
I've gotten so used to sleeping in that when the light turned on a 6ish this morning, it literally brought tears to my eyes. On the way up here my eyes were getting heavy and I was falling asleep. 
Dying in a head on collision is not on my to- do list today! 

Not really much on my to - do list today. 
I've been thinking with all this free time I have I should start volunteering or exercising.. you know, something productive. Maybe I'll start tomorrow ;) 

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