Friday, June 8, 2012

Where Am I?

Holy Crap, it's been a year since I graduated High School! 
(well technically there's like 4 more days to be considered a full year.. but who's counting?) 

I still have a bunch of high school friends on my FB, so I see a lot of the major news. Esp the buzz about Graduation. 
That was a good day. 
Actually, probably the best thing about high school was leaving it. The whole Graduation season is worthy of celebration, it's like Christmas for smart people.. and dumb people, as long as they passed everything! 

It makes me think... It's been a year and where am I? 
I sometimes hate asking myself this question. But sometimes I find positive things and it makes it worthwhile. 
I'm not on the fast track to Missouri, like I'd thought I'd be. Come to think of it I'm not on the fast track to anywhere. And for right now I'm making myself be ok with that. Until I figure out where I am going, it's ok to go slow.

In the past year I have learned some valuable life lessons:
Slacking gets you no where! 
Skipping class in bad! ..well skipping a lot of classes is bad... sometimes it's ok... 
Starting off on the wrong foot is bad! 
Being honest with yourself and others is good! 
Being logical and realistic is good! 
Taking risks is scary and good and an opportunity to lean! ( and get a cute boyfriend :)

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