Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Captain America Saves the Timeline!

I don't know if I should start with confessing my love for Captain America or if I should express how disgusted FB has made me lately. 

Let's start with the captain. That's more fun! 
I have friends that are really (really) into the superhero thing. And I, having never seen any of them ( except spiderman. does that count?), was encouraged ( by encouraged, I mean forced. kidding. ) to watch them. Living under the style of, GO Big or Go Home, I watched 3...ok 2 and a half in one day. And in case you didn't know. Superhero movies are longer than regular hero movies. Hence the SUPER. 
Yesterday I started off my day watching Captain America ( my favorite so far.) and later that evening I saw Thor, and the first half of Iron Man. 
The reason I like Captain American the best is because it's the story of an underdog! And you know me, Imma sucka for an outcast ;) The movie had a little bit of everything, which I also enjoyed. ( and by everything I mean Chris Evans. Hello! hehe. kidding.. well sorta kidding) Morals, action, romance, comedy, wit, charm, bad guys, and Nazi. EVERYTHING!  
If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to watch it.
 Thor was good. The ending left me displeased. HE HAS TO GET THE GIRL! As a girl, I feel that it is my reward if I have to sit through a long ass war movie, there better be a romantic kiss at the end. 
Just saying. 

Now that you are aware of how awesome CA is... you're wondering, why is she upset with FB? 
Well as we all know, or if you live in the state of NC you know, that they passed the marriage amendment. I personally can't tell you how I feel about this because, honestly, I'm torn by it. But there are people who have taken sides and ruthlessly throw down on FB! And if it wasn't bad before, the amendment passed, and the people who are against it are freaking out even more. But honestly, if you think about it, NC IS in the Bible Belt.. so the majority rules when you think about it this way. It's a sticky situation any way you look at it. All I'm saying is keep it off FB.

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