Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I expect better of myself.

Over the course of the day I haven't done much, just to be honest with you. 
(This blog is supposed to be about me and my journey through life... at least that's what I think it's supposed to be about. )
Sometimes I surprise myself at how lazy I can be. Which we all knew that, didn't we? 
My room is a complete disaster. Clothes, clean clothes, are in a pile on the floor, the dirty clothes hamper is full again, my closet kinda exploded on itself and my table and dresser... let's not even go there. 
My bathroom needs cleaning.. not to mention all the stuff that STILL needs to be done for my sister's wedding on SATURDAY! 
I can't start talking about that or I'll be here all night. 

You're probably wondering why I'm blogging instead of cleaning my room or cleaning out wine bottles for the wedding. Stop wondering that! I was messing on the computer and here I am. 
Don't give me that look you know you love spending time with me :) 

Due to certain circumstances I haven't been working a lot lately and school is out, so I haven't been doing much which makes me feel extra lazy! I've kinda gotten into the habit of sleeping a lot and... well that's about it. Sleeping. A lot. 
I'm hoping that once work picks back up I'll have more motivation and not feel like such a waste of space. Plus I'll have some cash flow. Which is always a good sign. "Love that money!" to quote Ricky Bobby. 
I think I can handle work starting back, but I'll admit I'm not ready for school. I finally got everything squared away, classes scheduled and financial aid done. But I'm not mentally prepared. 
Last semester threw me for a loop, to say the least. This summer break I plan on getting myself back on track and ready to tackle school. I had a long talk with myself, well I've had several talks with myself, and I expect better of myself! 

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