Thursday, May 3, 2012

american dad is on tv right now!

This is how amazing i am: 
I have accomplished nothing today! 

Now, hold the applause. Today...err, this week I asked for the two days that I work off because I am extremely behind in my history class, and if I don't pass with at least a B, my GPA is shot. Tuesday I was pretty productive. I worked on some quizzes and worked on my monologue. 
Speaking of monologue... My acting class is over! Well I have to take the written part of the final on Friday, but it's only one question, so that hardly counts. 

This semester has been awful, which I have previously pointed out ( and I take full responsibility). But come friday, it will all be over. "Praise the Lerd", in the words of Madea. 

And yes, I am wasting time by blogging instead of taking quizzes. I also have the tv on. That show "American Dad" is on.... why is the alien always wearing clothes?! 

ok... the alien always wears clothes in the episodes! 

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