Sunday, April 15, 2012

50 page views in NC

The stats say that I had over 50 page views last month.
I'm pretty sure those were people who just stumbled on this page by mistake because no content worth reading has been added in months.

School is almost over!!
I'm at a point now where I feel like i've wasted my first year of college.
I started off this semester this semester with four classes. I got kicked out of my online class because I didn't keep up with assignments. When I got to be about two weeks behind the teacher said I didn't have time to catch up and receive a good grade, so he instructed an instructor's drop. Then during my melt-down I got behind in my english class, not to mention got totally unfocused and off track. So I dropped that class.
Yes, I am well aware that I took the easy way out. But it was better than taking an F, right?
Nothing I can do about it now.
Ao, now I'm down to two classes. Western civ and Acting I.
Yes, my life is sooooooo hard.

Any Who..
Ohh yes, on the subject of school, I believe I made a decision about Missouri.
I think I've decided to stay in NC, but I don't think I'm ready to quite admit it to myself.
And again, yes, I know that makes no since.. but.. well.. you know..

I changed the background... like the birds?! :)

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