Monday, April 23, 2012

i'm not doing my homework

To the eight people out there that read this.. thank you. i feel like i don't say that enough. 

and when i'm not doing my homework (accepting the fact that i'm going to take a bad grade) by goofing off, reading blogs about cats and fashion... you are feeding that fire. thank you. 
now you feel bad because i'm going to get a bad grade... or maybe you feel disappointed in me because of my lack of motivation. 
it's my own fault. and i have good reason...

this is my homework...

there is a painting of some dude painting ( yes a painting of somebody painting!) the virgin mary nursing baby Jesus... why?!!? why does this exist?!!!
In general, how would you use these images as evidence of the worldview of the fifteenth century? What do they tell us about people's attitudes, emotions, and values? 
well apparently the worldview of the 15th century is warped! i don't know. and i kinda don't care. the thought of babies being nursed makes me queasy... then put Jesus in that equation and now I'm just beyond uncomfortable. Plus I didn't even read the chapter, so I have no idea what's going on in 15th century art. And what the heck is a motif? 

Saint Luke drawing the portrait of the Virgin

i'm dropping out of college and joining the circus. i'm serious. 


  1. To many birds can't read some of the writing.

  2. ...ok. sorry about that. i'll try to get a better background soon. somebody else said the same thing.