Monday, April 23, 2012

love according to webster

According to Webster... LOVE has several meanings. 

the first three include: 
  : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties   
 b :attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers 
 c : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interest

So when we say we love our mom, it's because we have personal ties with her. 
When we say we love Ryan Gosling, it's because we have a sexual desire for him. 
And when we say we love.. a significant other it's because we have affections based on admiration and common interest. 

Why is she talking about this? I'm glad you asked! 
I was just pondering the word. I feel as if people use the word to loosely nowadays, and when I use it I don't want to abuse the power it once held. ( man, that was deep!) But I'm serious. (as a heat attack) 
I've seen people, we've all seen people, on FB for instance, that are in a "relationship" with somebody for two days and they are dropping L bombs. And not to mention it's always spelled incorrectly.

i.e- bby i luv u. u tha best thang in mu lif and i wud die w/o u! i luv u soooooooooooooooo much!!! :) abc+def 4eva!!!!!
 Give me a break.. and spell check! No. You do not LOVE that person. Chances are you are sleeping with that person and you LOVE having sex with them, but them as person, you do not LOVE. 
However, I guess it's safe to say that in a "good relationship" the second two go hand in hand. But that's another battle, for another day. 

I have a strong affection for the taste of pineapples (which sounds really weird now that I've typed it), therefore, I LOVE pineapples. 
My mother held me in her womb for 9 months and we have a personal tie, therefore, I LOVE her. 
And well... when the last LOVE comes to pass, we will blurt that on the internet as well ;) 

I guess the point of this was to educate you on Webster's first three definitions of love.. and how we shouldn't abuse the L word. Tell me, what are things you LOVE.. or just simply have a strong sexual desire for? ;)

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