Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12:08 productivity

I'm so sleepy. 
I have to earthly idea why I'm on here. 
I have nothing of interest to say at 12:08 am. I have class in like 8 hours... I need to try to attempt to get some beauty sleep. 
Of course I don't think that all the hours in the day would help...
(this is the part where you comment and say, omg Emily, you are soooo beautiful. :))
Sleep may not help, but a good face wash would. I have been broke out for the past few days. Not sure why I'm sharing that with you, I guess I have nothing else worthwhile to talk about. 
Story of my life: breakouts
Is it me, or is this the beginning of an acne commercial?

On monday I updated my twitter/FB saying that I had several things I wanted to get done this week: laundry, clean my fish bowl, call my grandmother, catch up on school work.. and so on. 
Well I have completed two of those things!! Please hold your applause. 
I called/visited my grandmaw on Monday, and today I cleaned the fishbowl. 
Tomorrow I plan to tackle the ever-growing beast of school work. I still have clean underwear so I can probably hold off on laundry for a few more days ;) 

Yay for productivity!! 

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