Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm not a russian spy!

wow.. there for a second it was like i forgot i had a blog. 
Christmas is over with! now.. let's move on.

i know what you're waiting for... 
who won the present contest? *drumroll*
we all knew that was coming.. but i still wanted to announce it.
 Good job mommy, and thank you ever so much for the amazing gifts! 
She took the lead, hands down, with the record player. But then kicked the game into overtime by surprising me with a Kindle. 
whew.. ok. now it's over. 

i took personal time to reflect on 2011, however, i don't feel the need to go over my reflections with you. that what this whole freaking blog is about.. you going on the journey with me, so i don't have to boo whoo at the end of the year. you can just read previous posts. also i didn't bother with making a resolution, as i noticed many people did not do this year. i think everybody is starting to realize that's a very dumb thing to do because by Feb most people have already stopped going to the gym and smoked 20 packs of ciggs, so the whole resolution is down the toilet. 

not having to go to school or work has been amazing, but all good things must come to an end. i go back to work tomorrow and school starts on Monday. Which i'm excited about: new semester, new classes ( acting class!!), new people.. and by new people i mean new boys to gawk at ;D 

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