Tuesday, January 17, 2012


ever noticed that when people are sick or hurt and they start talking about it, they never shut up? they have a million things wrong with them and they want to tell you, in detail, every freaking thing thats wrong. 
i can't stand people like that. 
so i'm not telling you what's wrong with me. all i will tell you is that my back is outta wack. it hurts, so fell free to feel sorry for me. you have my permission. 
i'm going to the chriropractor. a very cute chiropractor i must say :) i'm on therapies that pull by spine, put me awkward positions, and pulse electronic currents into my back. that's my favorite. it feels like getting a massage from two people with magical hands at the same time... is it me or was that an awkward sentence for you to read too?
eehh who's blog are you reading? think about it. there is gonna be some awkwardness somewhere. it might as well deal with a cute doctor ;) 

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