Wednesday, January 4, 2012

slippers and coffee and book reviews

starting the morning off right, in my slippers and drinking a cup of joe.
my mom religiously puts sweet n low in her coffee, so when i started drinking, i too used it. but now that i have realized the after taste is disgusting.. i stick to just creamer. mmm it's delicious :) 

yesterday i worked for about two hours because my boss's mom fell and had to go to the ER for x-rays yesterday afternoon. talk about easing back into work. today, however, i feel like we'll pound out a good 6 hours. my bank account desperately needs them...
for some reason, i have a netflix account. (even though i'm back to my normal self and read more than i watch movies or tv) and i always forget that at the end of the month it sneaks out 8 bucks out of my account.(which is totally a cosmic joke, because the end of the month is also the "time of the month. no wonder i'm ready to commit suicide)  this month really sucked because i only had 8 bucks in my account and when i tried to swipe my card i almost had a heart attack when it declined. i checked when i got home.. sure enough netflix left me with .41 to my name. whew, i'm a broke hoe. 

but.. God always come through, doesn't he? because that day i got my Christmas present from grandmaw and it was handsomely green. 

if you like crime/mysteries/law novels, you should really check out Lisa Scottoline. I've read 2 of her books, and I going to start a third today.  Last night I finished "Daddy's Girl". (the name really throws off the actually story, I think) It's about a law professor  who gets involved in shady ongoings at a prison and intertwined in all of that she falls in love a fellow professor. It really was a page turner, and FYI I try not to use that term, but this book had a good level of suspense. The last 10 pages were the best plot twist ever! It made me mad, but it was good. *SPOILER ALERT! the hot professor turned out to be one of the bad guys! since you probably won't read it for yourself, I figured I'd go ahead and tell you. 

What's your favorite book, or can you even pick just one? 

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