Monday, January 9, 2012

better late than never?

so today classes started back! i feel smarter already. 
however.. it was hardly sailing smooth. 
as if waking up on monday at 7:30 A.M (which is really cutting it close, i should be getting up earlier) isn't bad enough, running late is. 
running late is pretty bad, but having a decent hair day makes up for that, right? you just plan to drive a little faster, right? ok, that's fine and dandy. BUT when you are running late with a decent hair day and you walk outside to find it raining.. that's when it gets bad. 
and of course it gets worse. i get to school 5 minutes late, only to find that i have to drive all around the world to find a parking spot. i finally found one in Egypt. being late is even worse than bad enough.. try being fat and running up a hill and a flight of stairs, now it's kinda terrible. 
so my kinda terrible morning is in full swing and i'm standing outside my first class, that i'm TEN MINUTES LATE to. i'm creeping in the window taking in the twenty five people who made in to class on time and the teacher going over the syllabi. having a heated debate with myself: to go in, or no to go in, that is the question. 
i bit the bullet and went in. a little tap tap on the door and every single head looked at me. the teacher didn't stop talking and of course the only empty chairs were in the back of the freaking classroom! 
"oooo the who-manity" (the grinch, anybody?) i'm glad i didn't eat breakfast because i probably would've thrown up all over the sour puss next to me. and she would have deserved it because when i sat down she acted as if the scum of the earth just kissed her. geez girl, get over it. i was late. i don't have the chicken pox. 

"you get smarter everyday" - Professor Danley 
i hope she's right ;) 

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