Thursday, September 29, 2011

woke up smiling... cheesy to tha max!

i slept like a baby rock last night :) 
i love those nights when i sleep good, doesn't everybody? 
but i also enjoy having a super duper great dream and remembering it! so when you wake up you don't think "ugh, i have to go to work today" you smile and think "man i wish that would really happen outside my head"
hopefully thats foreshadowing a good day. this whole week has been sucky, for lack of better word. 
a few good things happened:
got my car back... still needs work done, but at least its back to me. 
i am maintaining an A in my communications class. 
pop quiz on monday.. A 
i'm sure some other stuff happened as well, but i can't call them to memory right now. 
oh yea one more thing. 
you know how somehow i put videos on here.. well they are on my youtube channel.. one of them has over 200 views :) i was encouraged by that. 

quick update on my life:check
i'm gonna attempt to make some kind of video with this web cam.. wish me luck! 

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