Friday, September 23, 2011

webcam creeepin

 i had this whole rant i was going to go on about how my life sucks right now and how its really bringing me down. but what else is new?
today is not going to bring me down! 
i will put on a  good song and jam it out. 
i'm sitting in the student center trying to figure out how the roman republic fell. i hate history as of right now. there is a reason its in the past. just let it be! 
why don't they educate us on whats going on in the world now! honestly, i have no idea whats going on. other than the fact that everything is too expensive. 

please excuse the girl in the background.. she probably saw the webcam flash and thought i was creepin'. lol! yes, i know i'm so weird. 
but i wanted to prove to you that i was actually studying.. and drinking a Starbucks energy drink. and listening to music. i am a good muti-tasker. 
plus they say photos on your blog produces more traffic! 

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