Sunday, September 11, 2011

me and tim being unproductive in the bed

so i have this siatic nerve issue that starts at my lower back, runs through my butt and down my left leg. if you're thinking that sounds painful and awkward all at once then you were thinking right.  it is very awkward and painful. it flares up for a while then it will go away.. flares up.. goes away.. vicious circle of death. but enough about that...
let's talk about me. 
lets talk about how lazy i am. my room turned upside down ( as usual.. which wouldn't really bother me, but it causes so much freaking turmoil in at my house that its just an extra irritation), i have neglected studying for a straight week now, and yesterday when i got off work i planned to come home and work on those things. 
that didn't happen. me and Tim laid in bed all night watching dumb netflix movies. and i say dumb because we started like 3 and didn't watch any of them fully. we were sucky at picking out movies last night.
i just last motivation for anything. 
even now i wanna go straighten my hair but i have can't muster up any energy.
i am going to eat smilie fries and.. probably watch tv or something else totally unproductive :)

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