Friday, September 16, 2011

crisp cool meltdown

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that right there... all that.. up there.. that is the result of me molesting my keyboard. 
and i'm pretty sure thats an accurate representation of whats going on in my brain. 
i have a test in my next class thats pretty important.. i will refresh my brain after i upload a sucky blog post :) 
or maybe not.. maybe i won't upload this because its so sucky.   

"my oh my what a beautiful day outside.." it is a beautiful day. its fall! the crisp, cool breeze is so refreshing. i'm wearing jeans to school today and its so comfy! despite the fact that i had starbucks this morning i could use a nap.. 
my nose is having a spaz attack! i just sneezed like 5 times in a row. 
this is going nowhere. 
these post have been lacking very much so.. i apoligize. i'll try harder. 
i keep telling people that and i really haven't been been... story. of. my. life.

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