Friday, April 24, 2009

redbull high?

so I'm sitting here drinking milk out of my sisters HSM coffee cup trying to wrap my brain around anything that will stand still. ... nothing will and i know it.

today was good :)
i had a bio test that counted 8 times! and i made a 96! umm yea thats an A! and not only that but it was the highest grade in my class :)
yep yep yep!
i had Chinese for dinner, that was cool. hung out with my cuzos for a while= awsomeness.
however i did leave my piano book at school. im kinda bummed about that but its all good.

im sleepy but i dont want to go to sleep, does that make since?
- i dont know either.

ok now i have a bad after taste. yuck!

omg! funny story. the waiter at the resturant was high. my mom was like "emily how di you know that?" i was like " haha. mom some of my good friends are drugies.".

i dont really like the fact that they drugs but i cant point a finger cause i def. have my bad habits.
anyway. i guess i will go to bed now....

silly me was waiting for a text or phone call from a certain someone, but do you think he did. nope. and thats ok. i guess. i will just go to besd wallowing in tears.. lol. umm NO! thats a lie. i cry over no man. well there is one but we arent going there tonight.

i think im high. .....? but its too soon to know if i feel myself crashing later i will let you know.

sleep well bloggers. ..or readers. or losers. or teachers. or preachers. or beaters. or meaters. or boogers. :):):):):):):)


*the yellow is the spel check. hahaha*

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