Wednesday, April 22, 2009

random stuff from inside my noggin.

poetic spurts come and go like the wind.
my head is soo freaking filled with shit i cant even remember what i had for breakfast.. ( yes i do. i didnt eat :) .. if you are at least a semi-normal human you get what im saying.

i have homewrok to do but i work better after dark. lol. that sounds kinky ;) (JK)
and i need to practice keybored... which i am finally playing. thanks be to God ( seriously. props man:) however i need to rant some first!!
sometimes at night i talk to myself ( dont tell anyone!) it helps me to settle down.
dont know why said that just thought you should know. :)

may is coming right around the corner and im soooooo freaking excited!! yea bby!
first we have the stellar kart concert :)
then we have a lock-in @ me church
and then at the house of blues we have RED and papa roach!! !
oohh yess bloggers i amm soo ready!! going to be great :)
you cant hear it but i just screamed!

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