Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nelly, Elliott, and Mac

My ducks are the cutest things ever!
They live outside in a pin most of the time, however, I bring them in a lot to play with them.
My duck, Nelly, has a pink nose and does not like to be by herself.She and Elliott are the white ducks. ( there is a more sciencitific name but i cant think of it right now. ) The other ducks are my cusions, but i raise them and clean up poop, so they are technically mine. :) There names are Elliott and Mac. Mac is a mallard.
Between you and me I think Nelly and Elliott have a little something going on. ;)
Sometimes we fill the bathtub up with water and let the swim in there. They swim all around it, like there own personal pond. There is a pond below my house but I'm scared to take them there because there are snakes and I don't like the possibility of them being duckie stew.

My little sister also got a bunny. His name is Yoda. :) My sisters and I wanted to name him Steve, but mom wasn't down with that. But she liked Yoda so there you go. He's kinda the dominant animal over our little petting zoo. This morning when we put them in the cage thats on the ground, Yoda got out. At first we were scared but then we found him in the flower bed in the front yard. :)

i tried to add a pic. but my computer is being retarded. but Yoda is a cutie :)

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  1. Omg emily. Your ducks are the cutest things ever!! seriously!