Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm going to College

You heard about Colorado? 
Of course you did. 

It really should be unbelievable that human beings can be so violent, but it isn't. Ever since the fall of man ( if you believe in that sorta thing), humans have been warped. Most of us notice it on a daily basis, sadly society only acknowledges it when psycho- killers attack innocent movie goers. 

Needless to say I will be thinking and praying for said innocent movie goers. Also probably needless to say, what little desire I had to go see that movie is now gone. 

Not to be unsentimental, but by now you're tired of hearing about the sad event and it's time to enlighten you with what's the what what in my life! 

 (the best part of your day, don't deny it) 

As in like I'm actually moving there. 
No, I'm not trucking half-way across the country to outlive a reckless desire for adventure. I'm trucking an hour away (if you drive the speed limit) to live out the more realistic dream of leaving home for a good education, yet still being close to home. 
I'll be attending University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Instead of staying a dorm, I'll be living in the apartments across the streets. My own room and BATHROOM! And sharing a living room and kitchen with three others. 
I'm super excited!! 
Everything is basically taken care of, just a few more things to sign, seal, and deliver. I.e: signing up for classes and getting shots! Not to enthused about that last part. 

So many things are coming up in the next couple of weeks, I wanna take it all in and not miss a beat. I'm exciting to turn this new leaf over in my life. (needless to say) I feel determined to make the most out of this year. Starting out on the right foot sorta thing. 

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