Sunday, December 18, 2011

this post is about a baby.. sorta...

it's sunday sunday sunday!
food is cooking, football is on, and.. my cousin smells weird. he was outside playing football.
culprit of the stink
Christmas is days away... just to state the obvious. every body else is talking about it, i figured i might as well go along with the crowd. It doesn't feel like Christmas. I feel like Cindy Lou Who, from the Grinch. I can hardly remember what Christmas "feels" like. Is there such a thing? "feeling" Christmas. I'm just ready to get it over with.

Last night my family had the annual Chinese Christmas party. We all get together and play the game, eat and be marry. Its a good time and the best part is, you leave with a present. as silly as the gift could be, (Christmas cookies and cookie cutters) it still counts as a present. and yes, yours truly left with the Christmas cookie cutters and a complementary bag of sugar cookie mix. I do look forward to this family function every year. ( shh, it's our little secret. i would't want to ruin my image*)
last night was pretty special too.. so you know how i have this thing about babies.. you know they scare the hell out of me thing.
well my cousin has this baby(which i accidentally called "thing" around the baby daddy.. whoops!).. cutest thing.. and i don't know what possessed me, but i held the baby. i was so scared she was going to cry, i'm not even gonna lie. but to my surprise she didn't. she laid her head down on me and was attempting a cat nap. she eventually was whisked off to bed. neither of us cried, that was amazing.
i have a picture that i will post later... it's on my facebook if you wanna go check it out :)

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