Thursday, December 15, 2011

College and Christmas

"the sound of my heart pounding tells me there's still hope."
-icon for hire. 
Good band all around. Go check them out. Buy their cd, they are still starting out, go show your support!

survived my first semester of college and only had to drop one class. and i'm almost positive i passed everything else with and A or B. i'm sweating it out until grades come in though.
one more semester to go and then Hello Evangel! 
speaking of next semester.. my smart self took English 112, research papers, and western civ in the same semester. now this doesn't seem like a problem, but seeing as how i dropped western civ last semester because i could keep up, i'm starting to rethink.
take it all in stride.. until the pressure becomes to much and i have a breakdown!! 

in other news, the Christmas season is in full swing; suffocating the life out of me. in the true spirit of Christmas, my uncle Jimmy is down from NY and he has this exciting habit of dressing up like Santa. he looks legit too. beer belly, beard and all. last night we went out to dinner.. ohh yea, you know where this is going. he dressed as Santa. and it wasn't really that embarrassing.. it was amazing to watch all these random children flock to him. some of the kids were smiling so hard they couldn't see straight. and the parents showed no precaution, they were dragging them to uncle Jim.
i don't get it.. i mean, don't you think the whole idea of Santa is creepy. "he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake.." sounds like a creeper to me. i can just imagine a big fat guy getting all cheery as he watches me take a shower.
that's why grown ups don't believe in Santa!

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