Friday, October 21, 2011

washing machines and plan B

yes, yes the background is washing machines.
why washing machines?
because i thought it was awesome! they have a whole slew of pictures to choose from.. you can even choose one of your own, which is amazing!
everything is subject to change.. i was trying stuff out. there were a lot of this (design template wise) that i hadn't messed around with in a while. i wanted to catch a power nap before class, but that doesn't seem like it will happen. plus i have issues with sleeping sitting up.
(i have issues with everything)
i'm hungry... i didn't really eat breakfast this morning and i'm feeling it now. by not really eating i mean, i had a cupcake but that does't really count.

so the library at school does this really awesome thing where they , i assume clean house per say, and give away old books for free. there is a huge stack of them by the door. i was going to check it out on my in, but there was this girl grading it with her life so i decided to hit it up on the way out.
i love libraries :) if this whole youth ministry thing doesn't work out, my back up plan is a librarian.
which i'm sure it will work out.. but its always safe to have a plan B.
have to ever noticed how many times a post i say BUT. i have.
i know its annoying.. i can contradict everything i say. not to sound cocky,  but doesn't that just make me a good thinker? that i can see both sides..err however many sides there are to things.
any who..
time for me to go readers.

what's your plan B? 

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