Monday, October 10, 2011

speaking of..

i went to wal mart last night on a mission to get some much needed shampoo and conditioner. i got the shampoo and conditioner, and sweat pants, and Ben and Jerry's FroYo. 
geez one guy doesn't call me back and i have a meltdown. 
i jest, i jest. i didn't have a meltdown. i just really wanted  ice cream and the sweats are super comfy! 
it just ironically came to pass that i bought them on the same weekend that that one said guy didn't call me back. 
speaking of the opposite sex, i was telling my grandmaw about how when i sit there and think about boys it stressing me out and that i believe i spend to much of my time doing that. 
her reply was that it was natural at my age and that if i wasn't thinking about boys she would be concerned.
speaking of my grandmaw, i went to her house today to visit since it had been awhile. 
when i got there she was pulling weeds, talk about perfect timing. i helped her finish up and then she asked if i ever got the trash up out of my car ( that she bought me). i played around the question. 
yea, its not that bad right now. well long story short we picked the trash up, changed the seat covers, washed the floor mats, flushed and refilled the antifreeze, put oil in the.. wherever oil goes and we are still not done! myrtle needs a filter and power steering fluid AND the freaking tag needs to be updated. 
*if anybody rats me out to the cops i will hunt you down and destroy you* i'm working on it! 
i love my grandmaw. i'm sorta complaining because that wasn't exactly what i had in mind when i set out over there, but then again she's on top of it and gets things taken care of that i didn't even know needed taking care of. 
speaking of something else... the SKILLET concert is this friday and of course i'm attending :) 
words cannot express how excited i am! a few days a friend of mine asked me what songs i wanted them to play the most. thats not a fair question. i want them to play them all! muhaha. i'm a greedy panhead. 
if i had to pick one i think it would the the last night . its from the comatose album and holds a special place in my heart. it was basically my favorite song when i was going through my.. rough time or whatever the heck ya wanna call it. if you don't listen to Skillet, go now. if you don't like them, don't ever talk to me. it just won't work out. here's a video of skillet awesomness! p.s : John Cooper is my Justin Beiber.. so back off. 

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