Tuesday, October 11, 2011

p.s answer my question!

my ears are sore. i put bigger gauges in and boy, i'm feeling it now. i'm at a size 4 :) it doesn't look as big as i thought it would, however, when compared to the regular hole, its pretty intense. 
check it out!! 

i have basically wasted the day away. 
i keep thinking about studying for that midterm, however, i haven't really accomplished much. i read over some stuff this morning, but i didn't get much further.
 i put a load of laundry in the washer, went to work, came home, got on the computer, ate, went to wal-mart, and now i'm back on the computer. where are my priorities??
not on my western civ exam thats fo sho! 

ever had those moments when your just like wtf just happened
i've been having those a lot lately. 
like when this drunk came into work today badgering me about fresh potato wedges then literally mid sentence just walked away. 
or when you text this guy you like for something totally stupid  and you expect a super nice answer and you get some dip shit answer.
maybe its me. maybe i just attract losers. people who don't call/text back. creepy people in wal-mart, and old men. its like i have a magnet planted in my head that they are drawn to. 
this thought pattern is depressing me. 
any who.. i have school tomorrow. that thought is finally refreshing. i can't get over how amazing it is to actually enjoy going to school. (with the exception of western civ of course)

what about you, where is somewhere refreshing you enjoy going? 

p.s: for those of you who read this.. if you haven't noticed, the past couple of post have ended with a question.. you could answer it. you know. if you feel so led :)  


  1. I enjoy going to see my friend emily =)

  2. what is refreshing to me is seeing your beautiful face. :)

  3. I enjoy going to the beach. Especially with my neatest friend at 10 o'clock at night jacked on mt. Dew to a shady motel!!

  4. haha. thanks for the love guys :)
    i also enjoy going to shady motels late at night jacked up on mt.dew! :D