Thursday, February 3, 2011

wheat thins + chicken salad

Well hello to all you imaginary readers!
Long time, no complaining. Which is crazy, because at this point in my life I have so much to complain about.. and now that I'm here I have not the energy to rant. Shame, I know. I realize you were counting on it. Sorry I failed to deliver.

So are you wondering why I am here after being away for so long? Well either way I shall tell you. I just got done reading this super great book (The cubical next door) which centered around a blog. BTW: the book is really good. Go read it. NOW! OK not now.. finish reading this first then go! Obviously since the book centered around a blog I thought of mine and how it has been neglected these frigid months. And BAM! Here I is.
Now on to something a little more important. Since I often have a conversation with myself and in thoughs conversations frequently ask myself questions, I have a question for you. Why is it that in a really good book there is always a girl and a boy. They meet there is mutual interest, but one of the persons is difficult and refuses the relationship. And alas, right after a nail biting paragraph they realize they were wrong. Then the author finally gives in and they are together, turn the page and the freaking book is over with no sign of a sequel. WTF? right? They build you up, you fall in love with the characters and when the characters get to revel in their happiness you are left at a cliffhanger. Well maybe not a cliffhanger per say, but you don't get to see and of the happiness. I for one think its just plain horrid! Sometimes it takes away all the joys of reading. OK not all the joys, but a lot of them. I vow right here, on the Internet in front of God and ... well any poor sap who reads this, that I will show my readers the happiness of characters I choose to make fall in love!

You have my word. Good day poor saps :)

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