Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Re: Joe

Indeed the bells of cupid were ringing in my presence yesterday, but not because of Joe as I'm sure you were fixing to assume. It was because I got my acceptance from Evangel!! I'm so excited about it its disgusting. They sent me a tee and a DVD. It was kinda Corny, but awesome at the same time :) Now if I can just get a visit squeezed in everything will be absolutely perfect. And the way things have been going for me lately perfect my not be so hard to come by.

Ahh yes now I will get to what you want to hear...Joe. I think I may need to redeem myself from the last post.. if freak was used I take it back now. In all honesty I have continued to keep in contact with Joe and it hasn't been that bad. But no. I am not going to convert my religion. Sorry :/ In the midst of these last night chats that we so frequently hold I have laughed so much its stupid.
The perks of having a TV buddy.. That's what we are.. I think. That's what it seems to be anyway. Only in my life does somebody meet a totally stranger(on the Internet!), gives said stranger their number and keep some sort of relationship going with them. Crazy? I think so, but this is ME we are talking about. Emily. Or just call me crazy, whichever you prefer.

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