Sunday, February 20, 2011

Re Re: Joe

Go back 2 or 3 posts and I tell you my "sad" tale.
It just turned into a nightmare. A freaking nightmare. Our guy Joe (i used the term loosely) is not really a regular guy at all.. nope. He is in his 40's. late 40's. just a quick side note; my parents are in their late 40's!
Let me rewind a bit..
I had talked to Joe for like 2-3 nights in a row and then all of a sudden bam. Nothing. and the last time i did have conversation with him it ended on a very odd note. so the other night i decide to just man up and call him, i was up anyway. so i called and he picked up and said he's call me back. like a dummy i said okie dokie. so when he called back conversation was going semi-normal and then he precedes to tell me that he does't think this will work and he doesn't want to continue communicating with me. his reasons were valid, all of which had crossed my mind to.
 I do have to admit that I was kinda bummed that I let myself like the company (crazy as it was!) and now it was suddenly coming to an end. I felt like I was being dumped. but like a strong women i pride myself to be i said OK and decided to call this short part of my life quits. and the real kicker is when i was going to hang up he said. "OK. so have a good life.."  he didn't say it in a condescending way, although looking back he might should have. so i got off the phone, plugged in my ipod and tried to get some sleep. that was the end of that.
So i thought.
The next day something was rubbing me wrong, it seemed sorta out of character for Joe to do that. so i got on the Internet and googled the creeper. OH the joys of Internet. it brought me to his email profile ( don't ask me why i never looked at it before!!) and low and behold there is no picture, but alas! there was his age. 48.
No you did not read that wrong. I spent two weeks staying up all hours of the night talking to a pedophile! I almost went into cardiac arrest.I was freaking out. i should have know. there were signs. but like an idiot i believed him.
i heard a lady scream in the background a few times, he said it was his mom. and for all i know that was true. but instead of putting a son through college she is taking care of his unemployed ass. or God forbid it was his wife. OH why would that not surprise me that he was married. and i was the other woman! i am not even a women! I'm just a girl.
a girl who can't catch a freaking break.. or at least a boy her own age!

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