Thursday, February 10, 2011

playing with fire.. err.. playing withstrangers

"Honesty is the best policy." Right?
Well since I am feeling honest right now let me tell you my small sad tale.
I have this really bad problem of talking to people on the Internet, a really bad problem. At school I have online classes so I have lots of time on the Internet when I have finished my work. Which can lead to really freaky things I've learned. Monday I wasn't doing anything so I was goofing off on the Internet and starting talking to this kid.. let's just call him Joe. I didn't talk to Joe that long before he asked me for my number. Now that should have been a red flag, but I was feeling adventurous that fine Monday. I gave it to him thinking he probably wouldn't contact me anyways. Well boy, was I ever wrong. He called me once and I was busy so he called back and the same thing happened. After the second time I thought he would just give up. Oh no. This kid called me and woke me up, it was like 11:30 pm! Well it gets better because my idiot self picked up the phone! We started talking and I didn't get off the phone until 3am. 3am. I have never stayed up that late.. ever. I also haven't laughed that hard in forever. The only problem was of our different religious views. And that is where is all went down hill. I have never met somebody so pushy about it. I talked to him the next night and it was OK, it was a little more awkward than the first. I really liked this kid (as much as you can like a person in just talking to them in like 4 hours.) But then he started getting really weird like repetitively asking me questions and harping on my answers. Yesterday I sent him an email and when he called my he started jumping down my throat about it. It was so weird.. after I got off the phone I crawled in the bed and vowed to myself that I was done wiht kid. He is all kinds of weird and I have enough problems anyway. Plus he is like 3 inches shorter than me!
That is a turnoff in itself.

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