Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cross your heart and hope to die.

i don't know why you would have to do that unless you really want to. i want to crawl under a rock right now and die. well not die exactly, but i would like to sleep for a really really long time. i feel burnt out, my plate is so full and i'm barely half way through it.

tomorrow i have an ap test, which i'm very scared for. my grade is pretty good in that class and i dont want to screw it up. the senior project is going good the final paper is due monday and then i have to start working on my product with my mentor. (yikes!!) in november i have something booked every weekend. but its all good things! the first weekend is umm something, then i was going to go to youth convention with my church but i dont think i'm going to make it. on the 20th i'm going to open house at western carolina! woot woot! that is going to be soo fun! then that week on wenesday we are leaving for our cruise! my whole family is going on a cruise. i sorta feel bad because my aunt paid for me and my little sister to go, but i'm really just grateful that i get the opportunity to go. its going to be so great being out in the middel of the ocean surrounded by water, leagallly going outside of the US! :D
on top of all this stuff, i'm having to deal with my dad having a girlfriend and my faultering relationship with my (well was..) best friend. i beleive that things have fallen apart and i always feel like i'm being a bad friend because we dont agree on anything anymore. and all this crap with her wanting to get married at 18! is freaking retarded. this is the 21 century for crying out loud, not the 12!
 anyways life is crazy like it always is but i'm trying to tap into my creative juices to make it better.  cant wait to get out of here!!

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