Tuesday, November 3, 2009

yo momma so stupid..

there is nothing left to say about it :)

yea that's pretty much how things go these days. talk about somebody mother and go about your business. so yea. yo momma. that's right i went there and came back fool.
i also went to Wal mart with my friend Taylor a little while ago. that was good genuine fun.
i enjoyed my time with him.. good lord i really do sound like a grandma.
see in art.. which i have second block... i have earned the title of grandma.
yea kinda weird since my grandma is like the best thing since sliced bread!

OK so obviously this is my grandma! she's like the best.

but anyway i guess its cause some of my bad ass expressions like " good gravy". and the fact that I'm still a virgin, which I'm proud of, ans i don't do drugs. ...I'm a great kid! old star for me!

OK maybe I'm a little conceited but i don't care.. do i? no! :)
OK so i think I'm done with this post. you know just to give you a little bit of insight to my art class and the greatness of my grandmother.

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  1. GOOD GRANNYS GRAVY! Your grandma is DOPE man!! I'll bet your grandma is awesome XD