Friday, October 30, 2009

ipod druggie

lately i have felt distant from my friends and family.. well i have always felt distant from my family. but lately i have felt really distant from my "friends" maybe its in my head, but i dont think it is this time.
see my best friend of all time live in texas. she moved when i was in like.. 6th grade. we talk all the time and she comes home on holiday. but still the distance is tough on are friendship.
i have friends here at home to. and i love them to death. but its like in a puzzel when you take a peice that does't fit but if you push hard enough it looks fine. that how i feel like there was nowhere else in the puzzel for me to go. so i just fell into that group of friends. its uncomfortable like a bad xmas sweater.
i like to be alone. but there is also this horrid streak of personality running through my veins that likes to be the center of attention. its really bad. thats the side of myself i dont like. i love to be loud and ramdom. but not annoying! which i know i can sometimes be.. but everybody is at times. i think lately i have been needing a lot of attention and i wasnt getting it.. thats not good either for me.
my best friend, rachel, is coming home for thanksgiving. im super excited! im really looking foward to it. it will give us a chance to connect again! finally. being away from her is horrid. we change when we are apart.. i dont like it. its sad.
i dont really know where im going with this..
there we go.
starting to feel better.
thats all i can say.
ok not all.. but
its what makes since right now.
so many things are running through my mind right now.
if i could just get a few questions answered i'd be set. but secerts must remain contained.
to slowly eat away at your sanity!


  1. Hey gerrr, I hope you and rachel have some fun when she comes back! I still remember hanging out with her all those years ago. I know how you feel about the puzzle thing though. I don't think I have the right group either lol. (I like hanging out with you though. just not the "clan" as we call them lol). Maybe oneday we'll find the right fit.

  2. aye gerr.
    yea i love my clan but ... itchy sweater. lol. i like hanging out with you to :) we soo have to do lunch in the bathroom soon!