Wednesday, November 25, 2009


OK blogger.. today i started to write my book.
at first it was going good. i filled up a whole page, and then direction i was going in was like stupid. it was ordinary and expected. so i started two more times and they were OK. i think I'm going to take parts from all three and start again and see where that takes me.

i have to say its not as easy as it looks. I'm starting to think maybe a short story is the way to go.. maybe. for some reason i haven't ever really liked short stories. idk. i thought i knew what i wanted this story to be but now i see that there are a million ways to go and a million more ways to mold the characters to my liking :) obviously it makes me feel ungodly powerful!

i feel tired but its only like nine thirty and if i tried to go to bed Vanna would flip. SO. let me tell you about my day.. the short story .. Lol.
print club decorated a rest home, and if i may say so it was really fun. old PPl kinda freak me out cause they are so quite but a lot of the little old ladies were sweet and they loved the trees we but up. and the snowflakes, which were my favorite :)
then me and Rachel went to Fuji grill and to Cato's and hallmark which doesn't! have a public bathroom might i add. but the lady was sweet. she wasn't a bitch about it. she passed the blame on some other chum.. my kinda lady.

FYI: my computer is gay.
just wanted you to know that.

I'm getting bored with this.. going to watch the boob tube :)

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