Monday, November 23, 2009

its monday.

have you ever heard that song "Break Stuff" by: Limp Bizkit?
well if not go listen to it. NOW!! it will set the mood for this post.
cause if you havent already guessed it .. that what i'm listening to. (until the son changes of course. )
where to start?

Rachel is finally here. She spent the night yesterday and i saw her today and we are going to hang out some more as the week progressses.

Thanksgiving is wedensday. The only thing i'm excited for is the food. def. not! the jubilant company of my friends and family.. i probably wont see my friends that much over break .. if i do at all. and my family.. well thats just.. fuck?.. yes.

My mom and grandma have put on the gloves early this year.. not cool. its frustrating.. my mom thinks everybody is against her, when we're not. We just dont make things as complicated..
I love my mom. Despite what i may say when im angry. she is a good mom to me and my sisters. we dont always get along.. but shes there when i need her. and for that i am totally grateful. this is me and my mom.. i beleive this picture was taking in her closet before we went out to eat one night. :)
-> and this one was taken in florida.. at this really good fish place. my face looks retarded but its good of her :)
Even thought you may never read this.
so besides all that drama Rachel invited me to go to the beach with her and she was talking about driving down there. im kinda stressing about that cause i dont think my mom will let me drive there and finances are a big problem... but what can i do. nada, just sit back and see how everything plays out...yep. sounds good.
my stomach is so full i feel as if i may pop! i cooked my first meat loaf tonight and not to toot my own horn or anything ... i was pretty great :) (toot!)
im proud of myself today now that i think about it.
the meat loaf obvilously, and in english i was very active and i actually liked the story. and!! i got a lot of work done in graphics. .. not all of it.. but i made a good dent.
now if you've stayed with me this long, im listening to the Moffats. i think they are 90's... maybe early 2000's. not sure. most people probably dont like them but i do:) so go listen to them. now! the song Crazy is great :)

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